Top Aggressive Growth Funds for 2018

Mutual funds provide good returns if invested through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) for long term. While sector mutual funds provide highest returns compared to any other funds they are high risk as they invest only in one sector. Aggressive Growth Mutual Funds on other hand would identify aggressive growth opportunities and aims for high returns in medium to long term. #BestAggressiveFunds #Top10MutualFunds #Mutualfunds.

Top 10 Aggressive Growth Funds for 2018

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IPO Review of Karda Construction Limited

There are 4 IPOs that would hit stock market this week for total of Rs 9,600 crores. While large IPOs like Bharat Dynamics, Bandhan Bank and HAL are there, Karda construction IPO also attracting investors now. KardaConstructionsIPO would open for subscription on 16th March, 2018. Its revenues grew at 26% CAGR in the last 5 years. Should you invest in Karda Construction IPO? What are some of the major negative factors you should know before investing in this IPO? #KardaConstructionIPO #Kardaconstructions #IPO

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Bandhan Bank Limited IPO – Should you invest

Bandhan Bank IPO would open for subscription on 15th March, 2018. Bandhan Bank is one of the leading commercial bank focused on serving under banked and underpenetrated markets in India. Its revenues grew from Rs 7.8 Crores in FY2015 to Rs 2,618 Crores in FY17. It generated margins of 25% in FY17. Due to PNB Scam of Rs 11,500 Crores, investors are in dilemma whether to invest in banking stocks or not. In this situation, upcoming IPO of Bandhan Bank is creating mixed reaction from investors. What are the positive factors in Bandhan Bank Limited IPO? What are some of the hidden factors in Bandhan Bank IPO? Should you invest in Bandhan Bank IPO due to recent turbulence in Banking Sector? #BandhanbankIPO #IPOs

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Top Health Insurance Plans in India for 2018

There are several health insurance plans in India. However, choosing a right medi claim policy is difficult. Which are the best health insurance plans for individuals? Which are the top health insurance policies for 2018 for family? This article would help with Top Healthcare Insurance Plans, their features, incurred claim settlement ratio etc. #Besthealthinsuranceplans2018 #TopHealthcareplans2018 #HeathInsurancePlans

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Edelweiss Retail finance March 2018 Issue

Edelweiss Retail Finance NCD would open for subscription on 7th March, 2018. Edelweiss Retail Finance Limited is a Leading Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC) in India. Edelweiss Retail Finance NCD March 2018 offers upto 9.25% interest rates. What are the features of Edelweiss Retail Finance NCD March 2018? What are the risk factors an investor should consider before investing in NCDs of Edelweiss Retail Finance? In this article, I would provide some interest facts about these NCDs and do Edelweiss Retail Finance March 2018 NCD review.

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SBI MF Bandhan Systematic Withdrawal Pan (SWP)

After LTCG is imposed on Mutual Funds from 2018 onwards, every one is looking to escape tax on returns from mutual funds. One of efficient way to reduce tax on mutual fund returns and get regular income is using Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) in Mutual Funds. SBI Mutual Fund has introduced Bandhan Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) where one can do SWP to their family members. SBI MF Bandhan Systematic Withdrawal Plan (STP) is attracting investors in mutual fund industry with this unique feature. What is Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP)? What is SBI Mutual Fund Bandhan Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) all about? How does SBI MF Bandhan SWP works exactly? What are the benefits from this Bandhan SWP plan from SBI?

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EDLI Scheme 2018 – New rules and guidelines

Few days back there was some good news for Employees from EFPO.  Govt of India has announced that EPFO Life Insurance has enhanced the minimum life insurance limit for employees. Many of us do not even know that there is EPF Life Insurance and we are covered as part of the EPF. As per recent guidelines, all employees are eligible for enhanced minimum assurance benefit from 15th February, 2018. What is Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (EDLI) 2018 all about? What is the enhanced minimum assurance amount as per Employee Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI) Amendment Scheme 2018? Does this EDLI Benefits apply to all private sector employees? You can know more about Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme 2018 rules here.

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