Top 5 Liquid Funds for 2018

Due to stock markets being volatile, some investors might be thinking of keeping some liquid cash so that one can take opportunity in investing in stock markets during correction. Some investors want to park money for short term like paying down payment for Car or Home. Here comes the Liquid Mutual Funds. If you want to invest lumpsum for short term of 1 week to 1 year, you can invest in some of the top and best liquid mutual funds in India in 2018-2019. Best liquid funds provide high returns compared to bank FD’s in the short term.  You can get as high as 4% returns for 6 months and 6% to 8% returns for 1 year. What are liquid mutual funds? How liquid funds are best compared to other fixed investment options available in the market? Which are the top 10 best liquid mutual funds to invest now in 2018-2019 for a short term period?  Earlier, I have written about Top 5 Liquid Funds and now I have enhanced this to top 10 liquid funds.

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